Sj-20g Complete Purifier Refurbished


Mitsubishi Sj-20g Complete Purifier Refurbished & Supplied With Warranty We Overhaul The Complete Purifier & All The Consumable Parts Are Installed New Like Bearings, O-rings, Gaskets, Seals, Washer, Nut, Screws Etc. The Frame Of The Purifier Is Repainted By First Red Oxide, Then Surface Finishing Coat, Then Base Paint Color And Then Final Color Painted Twice. We Also Replace Major Parts If They Are Technically Not Fit. The Complete Bowl Assembly Is Serviced Too. Samgong Sj-10g/gh, Samgong Sj-20g/gh, Samgong Sj-30g/gh & Mitsubishi Sj-10g/gh, Mitsubishi Sj-20g/gh, Mitsubishi Sj-30g/gh Samgong Sj-15h & Samgong Sj-35h & All Kinds Of Marine Purifiers Available Refurbished & Ship Condition (Used)

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