Mitsubishi Sj-20g Spare Parts Supplied


MITSUBISHI-SMAGONG SJ-20G/GH SEPARATOR SPARE PARTS SUPPLIED We Supplied 95% GENUINE spare parts with 90% spare parts in Genuine packaging. BEARING I42305J1 BALL BEARING I27305J2 PIN B3006016A SPACER (2) 436493001 SPRING SEAT 436153001 STEEL BALL J1016J0 LOWER SPRING 456501001 O-RING A90080A BALL BEARING I6307J1 OIL SEAL K1456510A O-RING A20280A O-RING A20140A OIL SEAL K1456510A COLLAR 451277001 OIL SEAL K2254511F O-RING A10032A VALVE SPRING 368519001 O-RING A10032A SAFETY JOINT 459728001 GASKET L04403215 DIAPRHAGM RU1502003 O-RING A10034A O-RING A20465A O-RING A10034A O-RING A10024A O-RING A10016A O-RING A10031A O-RING A20100A GASKET L04403215 O-RING RETAINER 456030001 GASKET L03802815 O-RING RETAINER 456030001 O-RING A10028A GASKET L05003815 GASKET L04403215 MALE CONNECTOR ND0010L1 ELBOW CONNECTOR N00010L3 ELBOW CONNECTOR N00010L1 TEFLON TUBE NF0010L0 GASKET L04003215 O-RING 455859001 KNOCK PIN 436171001 DRAIN NOZZLE 450553002 PIN 452350001 O-RING 455836002 PIN 457413001 O-RING A30070B MAIN SEAL RING 455837001 O-RING A10011F O-RING A42017F O-RING A42017F VALVE SHEET 436000001 O-RING A41013F VALVE NUT 450489001 PACKING 455812001 SPRING RETAINER 450524001 O-RING A20155A UPPER SPRING 411981001 BALL BEARING I6208J8 BEARING COVER 200900001 SPRING WASHER H1012D1 BEARING CAP 450525001 O-RING A20035A O-RING A20035A FLAT SPRING 436164001 MIST COVER 314254001 O-RING A10100A O-RING SR. 18 (A40095B) A20095A O-RING SR. 61 455882001 SPRING CASE 450523001 BEARING COVER 436149001 FRICTION CLUTCH 385078105 GASKET L04503520 VALVE GUIDE 317750001 PILOT VALVE 450428001 BEARING CASE 314258001 BEARING CASE 337117001 XEBEC MARINE IS SUPPLIER OF ALL KINDS OF MARINE SEPARATORS & SPARE PARTS XEBEC MARINE IS ONE STOP FOR ALL YOUR SHIP MACHINERY & SPARE PARTS REQUIREMENTS

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