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Business company policy is being a customer-oriented enterprise & that is why we always keep our customers first. We keep minimal profit margins in order to supply best quality available. We believe a happy customer base is the key to exponential growth& ETHICAL BUSINESS VALUES should always be the priority.


Most of our procurement is from ALANG SHIPBREAKING YARD, we also purchase spares from other ship breaking yards. We also have our manufacturing partner based in INDIA for new spare parts on our client’s requirements. With our experience over the years & knowledge we purchase & manufacture high quality product for our customers.


Why will you choose us (XEBEC MARINE) as your supplier for your ship spares & machinery?

FASTEST DELIVERY SCHEDULE - All spares are in our stock ready for dispatch within 24 hours& with the help of our logistic partners we can deliver the spares on time. We are able to supply spares at any port in the world.

BEST PRICE - our main aim is to provide reasonable pricing of all products& our spares are marginally less expensive than other companies.

BEST QUALITY - We supply best quality products we send detailed pictures before dispatch and even provide working condition videos. Each and every itemis checked before dispatch to ensure it matches our quality standards.

BEST SERVICE - With our very well knowledge of spares we know how to ensure the safety of the spares when we deliver our products. We have one of the finest packaging services. We are 24*7 available to reply to your inquiries. We can deliver products to your door steps as well as at any port in the world

WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS - we are able to supply all kinds of machinery & their spares. We cover almost all machines on your ships from small pumps & equipment to Your main engine& from smallest parts like O-rings & gaskets to huge parts like piston crown & complete BOWL assembly of a separator.

VARIETY OF PRODUCTS - We cover almost all brands (example WARTSILA,DAIHATSU,YANMAR) & almost all categories like auxiliary engine, main engines, separators, pumps, governors etc.

VARIETY OF QUALITY - We have all kinds of variety of products based on our clients' requirements. we are able to supply NEW, USED, RECONDITION as well as SERVICED products.

We are also able to supply ORIGINAL spares from JAPAN,EUROPE,USA etc as well as OEM spares from CHINA,KOREA,EUROPE etc.

We are also able to supply NEW spare parts with the help of our manufacturing partners in INDIA.

HAPPY CUSTOMER BASE – The most important part is our customers who are very happy & satisfied with our work we have registered exponential growth year over year since our incorporation is all because of our valuable customers & our policy of being a customer-oriented enterprise.




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